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Anonymous Human Trafficking Reporting

  1. Anonymous Human Trafficking Reporting
    All information submitted are anonymous unless you submit your contact information at the bottom of this form. Providing false or misleading information is a violation of Federal Law and may be subject to prosecution under Title 18 USC 1001. All information is subject to review and verification.
  2. Please enter the date of the incident you wish to report.
  3. Please enter the time the incident occurred.
  4. Please enter the name of the suspects. Include other names the suspect may go by.
  5. Type of Incident*
    Please select the type(s) of incident(s) you are reporting.
  6. Describe the situation you are reporting. You may report the physical description of the person(s), vehicle description, and/or license plate information.
  7. Please enter the street address of the incident you wish to report.
  8. Please enter the city for where the incident occurred.
  9. Please enter the state for where the incident occurred.
  10. Please submit any documents, pictures, or videos you wish to add to this form.
  11. Contact (Optional)
    Please enter your information if you would like to be contacted confidentially by an investigator about your submission.
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